1Source of information: Travelling time is assessed and calculated by independent traffic consultant (as of 14 July 2017) and the MTR website: http://www.mtr.com.hk. Travelling time is for reference only and is subject to actual traffic conditions.
2The conceptual design drawing only represents an artist's impression of the general appearance of the Development or the part concerned or the other locations or facilities concerned only, and is not for showing the view, facilities, surrounding buildings and environment of the Development. Surrounding buildings or environment of the Development may have been omitted or simplified. The conceptual design drawing may show uncompleted buildings, facilities and development scheme of the district outside the Development (which said uncompleted buildings, facilities and development scheme of the district as shown may be different from the actual condition and may not have been completed when the Development is completed). The conceptual design drawing has been edited and processed with computerized imaging techniques and is for reference only. Air-conditioning units, pipes, grilles, louvers, etc. and other facilities which may exist on the external walls of the Development have been omitted. It shall not be taken as depicting or representing any parts of the Development or its vicinity or any view from any part of the Development. There may be future changes to the Development and the surrounding areas. The layouts, fittings, finishes, appliances, furniture, decorative items, facilities, plant, landscaping and other objects shown in the conceptual design drawing may not necessarily be provided or appear in the Development or its vicinity upon completion.